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Complete removal of all of your negative Etheric Cords

Clearing negative energy and programs for up to 3 relationships

Comprehensive notes from your Ultimate Etheric Cord Removal™ (both PDF and MP3)

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  • 1xUltimate Etheric Cord Removal™$777

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Client Love Notes

"It took Deena just a few minutes to identify and resolve a problem that I had been unable to impact, although I had tried many approaches over several years. 

Deena identified the problem as a belief that I would not have considered, yet her words felt true. As she did the energy work with me, I felt the energy pulling together into a dense ball at the chakra. Then it loosened and bubbled, and finally shifted and released. 

The result has been a great lightness and relief from a limiting belief that I had for years without realizing it. I highly recommend Deena for assistance with releasing energy blocks."