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Comprehensive Akashic Records Clearing with Spiritual Response Therapy

Clearing your Akashic Records for up to 3 primary issues affecting your life

All 24 of your DNA Strands will be fully activated

Clearing notes from your spiritual healing work (both PDF and MP3)

BONUS: Spiritual Restructuring Treatment ($300 value)

BONUS: Ultimate Etheric Cord Removal ($400 value)

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  • 1xUltimate 24-Strand DNA Activation™ & Spiritual Response Therapy Clearing with BONUS Spiritual Restructuring + BONUS Ultimate Etheric Cord Removal™$800

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Client Love Notes

"Thank you for performing my DNA activation. The process was very interesting for me. I felt you connect with my energy very soon after beginning our telephone conversation. The session was very relaxing and peaceful, as well as fascinating. 

Since my DNA activation, my perceptions have increased. I am fairly psychic and in tune with the energies around me, but I have noticed an increase in the visual portion of my perception. My ability to perceive in a very visual way has improved. 

Prior to the DNA activation, I was most perceptive through auditory and sense methods. I have noticed that if I relax my eyes, I can see the actual energy flows around things. I am thrilled with the experience I have received thus far, and eagerly anticipate further enhancements to my life and healing. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you are truly a gift to the world!